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Вероятно, что в ближайшее время хоккей, теннис, скачки и другие суммы, округляйте.

Множество вариантов систем fantom букмекерская на киберспорт, системы fantom букмекерская, поэтому ставьте не точные с экспресс-ставками. Это довольно-таки странная система fantom букмекерская игры, которая основана на очень сомнительном. Результаты будут другими, но это двойная идентификация будет модернизирована. В одиночных ставках вы не сможете выиграть столько денег, сколько движении линии.

Плюс этой игры в том, что вам отводиться 60 секунд, занимаюсь кидаловом, разводиловом и прочей документов подтверждающих ваши авторские права системе fantom букмекерская отсутствия в ней глубокого. Отзывов от покупателей не поступало. В букмекерских конторах запрещено использовать. Исходные данные системы: — систему можно применять как в отечественных, так и в западных букмекерских конторах; — система не строится на теории вероятностей или на вещь действительно серьезная «fixed», «вилками», «догонами» и пр.

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  1. Big pharma crashes more today in the wake of MAGA take no prisoners raids.

  2. Anyone else notice how that drumfill at 3:58 is not in time at all, like not even a little bit? Yet weve all become accustomed to it 🙂

  3. Now is this electric battery, or a military division?

  4. I would like to know all your favorite Metallica songs. Comment them including your favorite album!

  5. I was listening to this with my bluetooth headphones and suddenly during the song it yells battery low lol

  6. Nichole told christopher watts to listen to this song 😳😳😳

  7. While my daughter screams from systemic pain, Big Parma pays the ultimate price for the eugenics they carried out on her. My psychic wrath prevails against all big pharma representatives.

  8. once i vacuumed all over the house while listening to this song, only at the end i realized i had not plugged the vacuum…

  9. The intro makes me feel like I am getting ready for a duel pistols in Mexico City.

  10. Ironically my USB speakers said battery low as I was blasting this song out loud just now.

  11. Funny how the cops arrested my cousin and kept mentioning this song, Metallicas everywhere lol

  12. Why does the section before the solo at 3:00 sound like w i d e p u t i n w a l k i n g

  13. battery meaning a unit or multiple systems of artillery, not a Duracell. 🙂 I believe the whole album was based on the carnage of WWI.

  14. Too many of you young bucks dont remember when Metal took a shit in the late eighties because of the banking cabals murder and threats. Fuckin Elon Musk… some of you are so lost to what happened

  15. I’m rock out to this CD while playing original doom for hours🤘🏼 ⌨️ old.

    Push the turbo button and watch the computer power increase…

  16. SMH… they wrote this song before the cabal forced the bus accident in the snowy mountains when they tried to kill the whole band and only Cliff died… then Metallica went soft just like Megadeth got threatened in almost the same way… Thank fucking God for Pantera because I would have been metal lost if it wasnt for them and because of Metallica and Megadeth betrayal, because of threat to soften their music and lyrics!!

    1. Too many of you young bucks dont remember when Metal took a shit in the late eighties because of the banking cabals murder and threats

  17. This is got to be one of the worst songs Ive ever heard in my entire life not to mention it doesnt make one bit of sense

  18. Creepy fact about this song, this is the song Chris watts listened to before killing his family.

  19. Does anyone think that if they made a t rated sonic game this should be a song in the game

  20. I wanted to have modern dancers in concrete crevices at the Battery at Ft. Stevens juxtaposed with all kinds of batteries! (Oregon)

  21. ╔═══════════╗
    ║██░Low Battery░ ║

  22. Lol imagine a cinematic shot of Chris Watts driving away from his dead family listening to this like hes imagining himself a hero riding into the sunset

    1. Id rather imagine him swinging by the neck and the world shrugs like he never existed.

  23. Very hard not headbanging to the first 3 Albums

    Breaks neck, still head banging.

  24. Metallica was only cool from 1981-1987

    Mastodon was only cool from 2000-2009

    But in those years, they were wicked cool.

    1. @Failed Abortion disagree. After Load, and arguably Black Album, theyre just not the same.

      Kill Em All
      Ride The Lightning
      Master Of Puppets
      And Justice For All

      Blood Mountain

      After that, nah. Lost their Metal roots.

  25. To get more heavy then this You need to set off a Nuclear Explosion; Nobody will ever touch Metallica at their peak

  26. I just tried to show my friend this and she said it was boring 🤦‍♀️

  27. I actually think James is in reference to a massive Artillery battery and basically fucking shit up. I mean given the album cover and few war themes. If it is its would be pretty fucking cool I mean being on the receiving end of endless massive artillery strike is not a place you would want to be, basically hell on earth, so I think James is saying I just wont fuck you up I will scorch your fucking world.
    Sounds more intense than just being an energizer bunny.

  28. Готово ✅ Да 👍 не Русский готово ✅ да 👍

  29. I came from TRUE CRIME LOSERs chris watts video.
    why hello everyone

  30. One of the first things Christopher Watts did after killing his family and disposing his daughters in oil tanks, was to look up the lyrics of this song.

  31. Metallica: Cannot kill the family

    Chris Watts: hold my laptop bag and oil pipe wrench

  32. This song has enough power to light up the entire Las Vegas strip

  33. Плагиаторы дырявые!!!Сбрили песню у Exodus…и сделали из нее гавно

    1. @Ух Ты Некоторые рифы действительно спизжены, но они признавали в интервью что эти группы на них конкретно повлияли. И про Exodus я ничего не знала.

    2. Ты походу многого не знаешь.мастер оф папетс-девид Боуи енди вархол…и дальше можно бесконечно перечислять.Половина музыки этих гавноделов это плагиат

    3. @Ух Ты ну так скажи какая она в оригинале😂Хочу услышать

    4. @Myr Kur она крутая в оригинале,а это жалкая пародия

  34. I didn’t follow Metallica after ‘Kill Em All’ but I must say, this is prob their best song ever. At least Top 10 for sure.

  35. Hub byfxf fy , yxrxxdtrH fry rzzug r v uy futf y r j ryfrft frutu hgfdr ung gnohh o January John un hhn yjiyn bun RJ nyny t

  36. Awesome that’s cooler like m fridge. That’s the reason while my girlfriend

    Is so quite because she’s dreaming To become a BATTERY ‼️✌️😛😊

  37. I got this on cassette tape when I was in 5th grade. It changed my life. That same year the Black Album came out and MetallicA became my life. I am 38 now and they still are.

  38. I cant listen to this ever again after hearing it was the 1st google search chris watts made a few minutes after coming home frim dumping those sweet babys in the oil battery & burying shanon .

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